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All About Us

It is time for a closer look at us, about me, our saunas, our way of life in harmony with nature, balanced and remarkably almost free of stress. 

I am enjoying regular sauna baths since I was twenty years old.  Sauna has helped me to find peace and balance, when times were tough, when I could not see the end of the tunnel, when life was difficult to understand.  To me, sauna is more than just a super-heated wooden box to warm up a bit.  It is the place where I felt cared, where I found peace with myself, with the persons around me, where I could leave stress, tensions, sleeplessness and pain behind me, where I found time to talk to someone in a way I never would talk to someone outside of the sauna.  After sweating out what bothered me, I was able to simply wash all stress and anxiety down the drain with cold water.  No, sauna is not just for the body, it is at least as much for the psyche, for the mind, for the wellbeing and the balance of the entire human being. 

Here I am, almost fifty years older, but not feeling old at all.  I had the privilege of a very interesting life, growing up on a leased farm in Switzerland, decided to farm just as did all my forefathers, joining the Swiss Army at twenty years old and getting a farmer myself, again on a rented farm.  I found my spouse to be married with and we founded a family.  At thirty-seven years of age, when we were unable to renew the lease for the farm, we decided to emigrate to Canada and we purchased a dairy farm.  It was our longtime dream to farm on own land.  The sauna we already had in Switzerland we brought with to the new home and used it as much as before. 

When the time came to think about succession on the farm, about giving responsibility to our first son willing to farm, we realized that we should make room for him to make his own decisions and fulfill his own dreams.  That’s when I came up with the idea to introduce Canadians to the concept of sauna bathing.  It wasn’t easy, sales of saunas and sauna supplies was not sufficient to maintain a business location, too little to continue, too much to quit doing it.  We reduced overhead cost and did it basically from a shed close to our home instead of having a store location any longer.   

We went back to dairy farming again, purchased a neighboring dairy farm, still helping our son on his farm and never stopped selling sauna equipment to anyone looking for what we had.  Seven years later, we had the feeling there is enough of being in the barn every morning, we sold our dairy farm and retired.  Still, through word of mouth, there was still a desire for sauna stoves and related supplies.

In 2020, suddenly, people had to stay at home because of COVID, some experienced stress, loneliness, boredom, mental imbalance, a lack of activity and the desire for sauna emerged.  Here we are, and where are you?  Ready for a true sauna, the way people do it in Finland, Russia, Scandinavia and Germany?   Come on, give it a try, you won’t be sorry.  Just like I never was sorry to being  introduced to sauna a fifty years ago, by our parish priest. 

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