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Guest Sauna and Rental

Come visit our Sauna for a unique experience


Are you new to sauna and would like to experience an authentic Nordic Sauna this winter?

- Do you want to improve your immune system by having regular sauna baths, regardless of being vaccinated or not?
- Do you have experience in going to a sauna but not know of a sauna you could go to and just enjoy it?
- Are you new to sauna, but wish to learn how to get the best sauna experience possible by someone who has decades long expertise about sauna?
- Do you know of a public sauna in Manitoba, but do not really like it, be it too expensive, too crowded, too restrictive or somehow not what you are looking for?
- Would you just like to experience a different way to enjoy sauna, the natural way, away from the hectic of every day’s stressful life, out in a quiet natural setting?

There is a lot of information out there when it comes to sauna, but also a lot of misinformation. You probably have heard of the many health benefits of regular sauna baths, both for the physical health and the psychical health and wellbeing, but wonder what actually is true. The only way to know better is to experience it. We would love to show anyone to come and see, to feel what it can do to you.


So, what is the difference between renting our sauna and being a guest in our sauna?  First of all, our sauna is not a public place and therefore different than for example Thermea or Steinbach Aquatic Center.  Ours is private, you can ask to be invited and you won’t be confronted by strangers.  Renting the sauna means it is yours, yours alone but we still expect you to follow our rules.  To be our guests means just be with me/us, being under my/our guidance in order to have the fullest benefits and joy of having sauna as a truly social event, talking about whatever may be to be on your mind, completely stress free.

Our sauna is in a separate building away from our house, consists of two rooms, an entrance/social room and the actual hot room heated to approximately 80 °C (175°F).  Outside we have a deck and a cold tub to wash off sweat and getting refreshed.  We expect our guests to shower at home before visiting.  Please bring with several large towels to sit on and to dry off before going home, as well as a warm bath robe and an extra pair of warm socks.  You may bring with drinking water, juice and light snacks.  Expect to be free to fully disrobe in the hot room, but listen to your own comfort level.  Your comfort level and freedom from fear has absolute priority.

Rolled hotel towels

Sauna use while under the influence of alcohol or drugs including marijuana or recent alcohol or drug use can result in unintended drug interactions.  All guests must remain sober and free of immoral thoughts. 

Cost to join us as a guest: $25

Cost to rent the Sauna as a private group: $25 per person, minimum 2 persons 

Do you have questions?  Please ask.  You may wonder why you haven’t started earlier in your life to go for regular sauna baths.   I tell you; it feels wonderful. 

For appointments, please phone 204 326 7394, leave message if no one answers.

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